A migrant worker is someone who moves abroad in order to find work. Currently, there are about 87 million migrant workers in the world. It is estimated that about 15% of these workers are irregular.

Migrant workers often have few rights in the countries in which they work. They often do not have the right to change employers and do not have access to health care and other public services. They also tend to have few social protections, which makes them vulnerable to abuses like trafficking and exploitation.

Recent News Articles and Blogs:

Immigrant Farm Workers, the Hidden Part of New York’s Local Food Movement
By Aurora Almendral, WNYC
November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving is the ultimate harvest holiday, and no one knows that better than the tens of thousands of farm workers who grow and harvest New York’s produce.The reality of agriculture is that a hefty percentage of the people who plant and harvest New York’s local food are immigrant workers, many of whom put themselves in danger to cross the border into the United States to work the land. Continue reading →

Grim fate of migrant workers maimed in china’s ‘black factories’

By Fiona Tam, South China Morning Post
November 21, 2012

Ou Changqun’s right arm remains crooked after seven operations to reattach her forearm, which was torn off by a steel-spring punching machine two years ago. Continue reading →

Workers without Borders
The Hindu
November 14, 2012

It may no longer be just anecdotal that every third person in Kerala is a migrant worker from outside the State. Along with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Kerala is experiencing a massive influx of migrant workers into its emerging urban areas and its hinterland. Continue reading →

Indonesian Maids “on Sale”
By Patrick Winn, Global Post Blog
November 5, 2012

Given the economics of equatorial Southeast Asia, maids generally flow from Indonesia to Malaysia.

The former is a populous archipelago where, by World Bank standards, more than one in ten live in poverty. The latter is a mid-sized nation with an upper class strong enough to support a large market for live-in housekeepers. Continue reading →

Revised rules restrict migrant workers’ rights to choose jobs
By Ho Seung and Jung Hwan-bong, The Hankyoreh
October 29, 2012

Nguyen, a migrant worker who moved to South Korea from Vietnam last July, would like to remain working in Korea but he can’t find a job. Nguyen, 22, will soon have to leave the country because the Act on Foreign Workers’ Employment Etc. stipulates that migrant laborers who have not worked for three consecutive months shall be forcefully deported. Nguyen is in danger of being expelled against his will because of this amendment to the internal guidelines of the Ministry of Employment and Labor made last August.  Continue reading →

Greece: Migrants Describe Fear on the Streets
Human Rights Watch
July 10, 2012

(Athens) – The Greek authorities are failing to tackle a rising wave of xenophobic violence that has left migrants afraid to walk the streets.  Continue reading →


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